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My name is Kay Petal;  I Felt Alive



Welcome to my magical world of sculptural needle felting.

Where wondrous fluffs of wool transform into whimsical characters with heart and soul.






Latest Projects


Needle Felted PSY doll - Gangnam Style  Needle Felted PSY doll - Gangnam Style

Felting "Gangnam Style"

Korean Pop / YouTube Sensation






Needle Felted Freddie Mercury Doll - by Kay Petal - Felt Alive Wool Sculptures    

Li'l Freddie Mercury

He resides in the official Queen Archives in England




& Li'l Whoopi!



Needle Felting is such a crazy, cool craft!


Its popularity is sweeping the world.  Nearly anything that one can imagine can be created from wool using only single barbed felting needles! 


My specialty is needle felted dolls with a focus on celebrity caricatures.  My Felt Alive dolls are fully jointed, solid felted wool and require no sewing, no stuffing, no painting, no knitting or crocheting, no patterns and no wire armatures!  That's right, none of that!  Shaping and sculpting fluffy, unspun wool with barbed felting needles is nearly like magic. 


Needle Felted Celebrity Art Dolls by Kay Petal

l-r Donald Trump, Marilyn Monroe, Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, Conan O'Brien, Willie Nelson, Spock, John Travolta, Janice Joplin, Will Ferrell  and Johnny Cash!


Needle felting first caught my eye in 2007 and it is leading me on a fantastic journey of discovery.  I am not a trained artist, nor do I have an artistic background - needle felting allowed me to connect with the artist lurking in me.  I have discovered my life's passion and there is rarely a day you won't find me poking at wool. 


Nearly as much as I love needle felting, I love teaching this amazing craft to creative people all over the world through my Felt Alive Video Workshops - available individually on DVD or students can access all of them at my new online workshop site - The Needle Felters Workshop.   I'm so proud of my students' projects



Felt Alive Dolls on The Conan O'Brien Show!


The producers used 10 seconds of our original

Conan O'Brien / Donald Trump off-road adventure!


Felt Alive Dolls on The Conan O'Brien Show!


Li'l Willie Nelson Needle Felted Wool Art Doll

Li'l Whoopi Needle Felted Wool Art Doll

Li'l Willie Nelson

This is my second version of this American legend.

Visit my Gallery

for more Stars!

Li'l Whoopi

More info on Custom

Felt Alive caricature dolls.



I love sharing this magical craft with others.  I hope you find my website enjoyable and if you have someone special you'd see brought to life in wool,   Contact Me 


And if you want to learn to make needle felted dolls of your own, Scroll down!  I'd love to teach you the magic of sculptural needle felting.



Learn Needle Felting with Felt Alive!


Join me at The Needle Felters Workshop and Master the Art of Sculptural Needle Felting


The Needle Felters Workshop is my new members-only online needle felting studio.  If you want to master the craft of sculptural needle felting, this is the place to be.

Member privileges include:

  • Access to the complete library of Felt Alive Video Workshops including any new releases
  • 20% off the already low prices on wool and supplies at www.needlefeltingsupplies.com
  • Support Forums where you will get help from myself and from other members
  • Resources for wool and supplies around the world.
  • Video Blogs where I share helpful tips and new techniques
  • First-Look at my famous Li'l Celebrity Dolls as they come to life in my studio.
  • Needle Felting Challenges
  • Forums to help you promote & market your work including discussions on photography.
  • And best of all, you can network with other needle felters from all around the world that are as excited about needle felting as you are!

All of this and so much more for one low price!  Join today and take advantage of my special introductory offer for only $79.95 for two years of needle felting fun!


Bring your ideas, projects & questions and join the fun at The Needle Felters Workshop!



Only $79.95 for a two year membership


Sign up HERE

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Register today and get instant access to two years of needle felting fun at The Needle Felters Workshop

Includes a needle felting kit - with everything you need to get started.

contact me with any questions

Membership includes access to ALL of these fun Felt Alive Online Video Workshops and more!

Learn to Make Needle Felted Dolls - 10 hours of video instruction Learn to Make Needle Felted Droits - 5 hours of video instruction Learn to Make Needle Felted Santa - 5 hours of video instruction
Learn to Make Needle Felted Funny Faces - 2 hours of video instruction Learn to Make Needle Felted Dogs - 2 hours of video instruction

And More!


Your Membership Includes

Any New Releases

Felt Alive Student Gallery 

Felt Alive Workshops are a fun way to learn the magic of sculptural needle felting. 






Miss Beauty Chan 




Submitted by Idy L.

Hong Kong





Felt Alive

Needle Felted Dolls

Student Project



Student Testimonials


Hello Ms. Kay from Texas!
I received the doll kit and dvd's in a mere 4 days and off I went with sheer abandon! Thank you for the free tutorials online and the wonderful instructional doll dvd's that were concise and easy to follow! I decided to make a character doll of ......well, me! (just in case I had to hide it in the closet!!!) The good news for my first attempt.....it looks human! lol Take care and I think more future projects are in the works! This was really fun!

Karen J.

Student Project - Felt Alive Needle Felted Dolls Video Workshop


Felt Alive Needle Felting Supplies!

Felt Alive Needle Felting Supplies


Are you looking for wool and supplies that really do work great for needle felting? 

I offer all of my favorite supplies, the good stuff I use every day in my own dolls along with helpful hints advice at Felt Alive Needle Felting Shop!


Super Duper Felting Needles from Felt Alive

 Make sure to try my Felt Alive Super Duper Felting Needles

Single Point

Double Point

& New QUAD Point





And make sure to check out My NEW FELT ALIVE NEEDLE FELTING WOOL

Domestic US wool batting that I think works great for needle felting

many colors to choose from

Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool

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Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool

Discover the Magic of Needle Felting with Wool, Needles, Supplies & Instructions

from Felt Alive!










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