Felt Alive Needle Felted Art Dolls












Felt Alive needle felted wool dolls are unlike any dolls you have ever seen. They are solid needle felted wool and fully jointed with a natural range of motion. They stand on their own and are full of character and life. No sewing, no stuffing, no painting and no wire armatures are used - every detail, right down to their eyes, clothing and hair is hand sculpted wool using needle felting techniques.  (thousands of jabs into fluffy wool with barbed felting needles.)

I have found my creative passion in making wool look like real people. The keyboard player for legendary rock band, The Who, has his own Felt Alive Li'l Rab Brundrick doll.  My Li'l Conan O'Brien has made two video appearances on The Conan O'Brien Show.   Li'l Freddie Mercury now resides in the official Queen archives and is part of Rock and Roll history.


Much of my work is for my personal collection and none of my  dolls are available for purchase.  My goal is to have a gallery full of needle felted pop icons and my list is extensive of who to felt next.   


Each doll can take weeks to complete and I only take on a select few commissions each year.  For availability and pricing please fill out my commission inquiry form.  




Celebrity Caricatures

Needle Felted Freddie Mercury Doll - by Kay Petal - Felt Alive Wool Sculptures

The late, great Freddie Mercury - iconic lead singer for the rock band, Queen.

Li'l Freddie resides in the official Queen Archives in England.


That's Rab with Li'l Rab -

John 'Rabbit' Bundrick - Legendary Keyboardist for The Who





Needle Felted Bob Dylan Doll - by Kay Petal - Felt Alive Wool Sculptures

Bob Dylan Needle Felted Doll - Custom Commission



Willie Nelson Needle Felted Doll - Custom Commission

Li'l Willie Nelson Needle Felted Wool Art Doll



Kathryn Williams and The Pond

Needle Felted Dolls Kathryn Williams and The Pond - by Kay Petal - Felt Alive Wool Sculptures

Here is a talented and fun group of musicians with their mini Felt Alive dolls.

Check out their new CD HERE


Li'l Whoopi was commissioned by a fan of big Whoopi!

Visit my Gallery to see my Felt Alive Celebrity Lineup - from talk show hosts to music legends to movie stars, I really do Felt the Stars! 



Special Friends




This is Jessica and Li'l Jessica

She gave this doll as a gift to her boyfriend - Lucky Guy!









Meet Saige and Li'l Saige.  Saige is a teenage fan of my work and the recipient of a little mini of himself complete with FA (Felt Alive) brand shoes. 



Felt Alive Couples!


Needle Felted Wedding Couple


This is my niece Carly & her new husband, Gabe.  The wooly little critters were my wedding gift to them.




Needle felted wool art doll caricature



John & Patti



A Christmas surprise for a lovely couple. 





Is he live or is he Felt Alive?








A Felt-Headed Stranger in progress


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