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One of my favorite things about teaching needle felting is the moment I open an email from a student and meet a new character.  I encourage originality; these are certainly original yet all made from the same sets of instructions!

I proudly add pictures as I receive them from my students.  Check back often! 

A big thanks to my students for allowing me to share their wonderful art here.  If for any reason you wish that your photos be excluded from this group, please let me know and I will promptly remove them!

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Felt Alive Student Gallery



Elf Girl, Crabby Old Man and a Sweet Baby

Such Creativity!

by Linda





"Ned" by Michelle




Henry (nude)

Ezekial & The Moonshiner

Diana P.






Sid the Painter

by Lin







"The Virtuoso"

by Elizabeth






"My Man"

by Gisele







by Judy







by Kim



"Bert & Patty"

by Jenny





by Mary





The attention to detail on Alfred is superb. Everyone knows

somebody that looks like Alfred.

by Cat





This reminds me of an old-fashioned sepia-toned photograph. I just love it.

by Rad








What a way to Felt Alive -

Meet Suzie - A delightful character brought to life from childhood drawings!

And then we have Charlotte!

A beautiful older lady with confidence and style!

by Germa

The Netherlands









Aqua Aerobics Queen

A delightful bathing beauty! 

by Ellen






"Toupee in B Minor"

He's got a song in his heart!

by Ellen (Her first Felt Alive Project)





Livin' the Good Life

by Annie




Neil, A Farmer/Fisherman from the Orkneys

He is so handsome!

by Nada







What a guy!!

By Kathryn







Happy Harry at the Beach

He's having fun with his ducky, pail and shovel!

by Anneliese






A Colorful Pair!

Baby Wilt and Grandma Willa

By Neil






Little Girl

She's about as cute as can be!!

by Kahra





Beautiful Mya

By Karen E.


I love Bert!!

by Karen E.







Baby Girl

A little cutie pie!

by Darla








She couldn't be any sweeter! 









A Beauty From The Sea

by Nada








Baby Bella

She makes me smile!!

by Linda






Quite a Pair!

by Robin







Ms Sally

Ya just gotta love her! 

by Linda






More Fun from Robin

Biker Dude!





I took Kay's online class a few months ago. I was very curious about how to make a face as I had found Kay on youtube. I thought for sure that I  would not be able to do a very good job (I'm a perfectionist.) I was really excited about starting her class and I was not disappointed. I loved how Kay was so regular, you know how some online 'teachers' come off as if they are so much better at their topic than you. Kay never came off like that. Watching her videos were like getting together with your best friend and working on something new. I really appreciated the length of time she gives to her students there is more than enough time to figure out any little detail you need to. Lastly, She was really good at getting back to me when I had a question, and here again, she did not talk down to me, she told me she had also had the same problem. :}

All in all I would definitely take another of her courses. Linda C.



Hi Kay!

Thank you so much for your brilliant class. I really enjoy learning all of the techniques. I have now finished my first project. I made it a bit small and I didn´t have the right needles so It is not as soft as I would have liked it to be. The "skin" is still a bit fuzzy but I think I will try to fix that when I get my star-needle.

 I can't wait to start on a new project. I will make it bigger and hopefully softer… I didnt have marino wool for the eyes so they didnt turn out great. Now I have merinowool so as soon as my new needles arrive I will start making another friend.



Thank you again for offering this wonderful tutorial and kit!

 I showed my first one (now named Elina) to my local craft shop because i was hoping i could get them as far as to stock up on wool.

But today i got a phone call asking me if i wanted to come to there boot on a crafts fair here in the netherlands in October to show people needle felting! I'm so happy :D

 Thanks again! And you will hear from me again ;)




"Hi Kay Petal, 

I bought your class a little while ago and just finished (mostly, he's not dressed yet) my first doll. I attached his head shot. :)

I really enjoyed your class and think it was super helpful. Your methods really make it easier than it looks. I was able to concentrate on proportions and shaping rather than wondering how I was going to piece it together.

Thank you so much for making your knowledge available and thank you for any additional help you can give me.




"Hi Kay!

I am so excited to show you Ned.  I had a blast making him and I loved yourDVDs!  There were so many things that I learned from you and I had so much fun. 

I always wondered how you made your dolls stand.  That is really
awesome that they stand on their own.  Ned is much different from the
Bigfoot that I made.  He's felted so much stronger and he feels like he'll
hold up so much better. 

Thank you so much for making the DVDs!"



"Thanks to you.   

Your class is just great!!!!!!!!  

 Thank you for everything….still wishing I'd be next to you making one, and learning from the BEST!   Have a great day.
Don't forget to send me info. of any new classes that are online.
Dolly Hugs,






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